Premium Pet Products GmbH distributes and develops innovative pet food brands in the premium sectorBrands such as Wolfsblut, Wildes Land or Müller's Naturhof meet the taste of the animal, the spirit of the times of pet owners and are adapted to the original and species-appropriate nutrition of animals. We recognize trends on the pet market far in advance. The rapid and reliable implementation of these trends into marketable products, combined with our multi-channel distribution, is one of the strengths of the Premium Pet Products GmbH.

AlphaPet Ventures GmbH

As a subsidiary of the AlphaPet Ventures GmbHthe Premium Pet Products GmbH offers a wide range of know-how and a strong brand portfolioAs a digital brand platform, AlphaPet Ventures GmbH combines brand building with multi-channel distribution and offers platform services for the future scaling of pet brands under one roof. Together, the subsidiaries of AlphaPet Ventures GmbH drive digitalization and digital brand building in the pet sector with the vision to establish healthy pet food in the mainstream. 

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Strong brands 

More than 50% of pet owners know Wolfsblut! 

High quality of our products 

We do not use artificial additives and use only high quality raw materials!

What we offer you
as a competent partner 

Competent field service staff

Large team with more than 10 employees in Germany and Austria!

Intensive support

A sales team of more than 20 people is available for you through various channels!

Support with consulting, sales & employee training

We offer our trade partners professional sales materials! 

Brand & Social Media Power

More than 12 million followers in our Influencer network at Wildes Land!


Wild Land: New products in spring and summer 2022

We are expanding the range of dry dog food with three new varieties. Already popular snacks will be available in 200g in the future and new varieties, such as duck breast mini will complement the range, as well as nibble pillows and crunchy snacks for the cat!

Acquisition of Arden Grange by AlphaPet

The UK-based company is a super premium dog and cat food brand. We see great potential for Arden Grange as a new British premium brand in Germany! Be excited for the second half of the year!

Wolfsblut: New snack products in summer 2022

Ten more 300g varieties of Squashies will be added to the range in summer 2022. In addition, small Squashies with 100g and small Crackers with 70g in the Topseller varieties will be included in our existing range!

 Our strong brands

Wolfsblut is the most popular dog food brand in Germany and is based on the natural diet of the wolf.

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Wildes Land is a high
quality dog & cat food based on the originality & power of nature.

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Müller's Naturhof stands for dog & cat food with the best from the land, processed according to traditional methods

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The recipes of Wildcat are basedon the original dietary habits of the wildcat.

Primum dog food is based on fresh ingredients, grain-free recipes and only one meat source.

Natural is a natural premium whole food for dogs based on the principle of
"whole prey".

With daily choice you make the best choice for dogs and cats every day - the best quality at the best price.

Every outing can be an adventure.
Not the diet of the dog.

For Ziwi from New Zealand, with meat from species-appropriate free-range farming, we are the general distributor for Germany.

Field Service

Find the employee for your area & get personal and individual advice.

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