"Ohne Gefährten ist kein Glück erfreulich.”





Wolfsblut is Germany's most popular dog food brand and is based on the natural food of the wolf.

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Wildes Land

Wildes Land is a high quality dog and cat food based on the originality and power of nature.

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Müller's Naturhof

Müller's Naturhof stands for dog and cat food with the best from the country, processed according to traditional methods.

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Wildcat's recipes are based on the original eating habits of the wildcat.

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Primum dog food is based on fresh ingredients, grain-free recipes and only one source of meat.

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Natural is a natural premium whole food for dogs based on the "whole prey principle".

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Daily Choice

With daily choice you make the best choice for dogs and cats every day - top quality at the best price.

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Every excursion can be an adventure. Not your dog's diet!

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For Ziwi from New Zealand, with meat from species-appropriate free range, we are the general distributor for Germany.

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Pet food of the highest quality

We, Premium Pet Products GmbH, distribute high-quality pet food of the brands Wolfsblut, Wildes Land, Müller´s Naturhof, Wildcat, Primum, Natural, Daily Choice, Wildcraft and Ziwi to the European specialist pet supplies store. We only carry brands whose products are of the highest quality, are of natural origin and ensure optimal nutrition for dogs and cats.

In addition, we see ourselves as a competent partner to the trade. The high quality standards for our products also apply to our sales representatives. We look after our selected retail partners intensively and support them with sales, advice and employee training. If you are interested in one of our brands, please contact us or visit the brand websites above.