For almost 20 years the WOLFSBLUT brand has stood for proper, nutritionally balanced dog food:The combination of high-quality meat or fish as the chief ingredient and selected fruit, vegetables and superfoods comes the closest to the natural diet of a wolf. And thus also the needs of our dogs.

As a pioneer in the industry, WOLFSBLUT returned to an original and nutritious diet in 2006. Because the brand knows what dogs and owners need for a long, healthy and happy coexistence - and what they don‘t.

Als  Pionier der Branche  hat sich WOLFSBLUT bereits 2006 auf eine ursprüngliche und nährstoffreiche Ernährung zurückbesonnen. Denn die Marke weiß, was Hunde und Halter für ein langes, gesundes und glückliches Miteinander brauchen – und was nicht.

Viel Fleisch oder Fisch

Ursprüngliche Sorten

Wertvolle Superfoods

Mit nährstoffreichen Inhaltsstoffen

Getreidefrei / Glutenfrei

Der Wolf jagt kein Getreide

Tierärztlich Bestätigt

Hohe Qualität der Rezepturen

Your Wolfsblut-Quality-Promise

No artificial additives (except essential vitamins & minerals)
Natural raw materials in tested quality
Own purchase of raw materials from selected farms
Regularly tested according to the latest nutritional knowledge
High food standard in production

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Wildes Land  

Wildes Land advocates natural and speciesappropriate diets for dogs and cats. Our motto is: Pure nature! 

We produce premium dog and cat food that is fully tailored to the natural needs of our house pets. An extra portion of fresh meat for excellent acceptance, complete lack of grains and gluten for optimum tolerance and valuable wild herbs are what set our foods apart. Inspired by our love for our pets, we deliver the essence of nature by the bowlful!

From wet food to dry and semi-moist dry food to snacks, our product assortment has everything that gets our canine friends excited – adult dogs and puppies alike.

Extra fresh meat

No cereals/
no gluten

High acceptance & tolerability

Valuable wild herbs

Our motto: Pure nature!

„What has been popular with people for many years is now, fortunately, increasingly reaching the bowls of dogs and cats:
A high-quality diet that is completely geared to the natural needs of four-legged friends and pets.“

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Herrmann's Manufaktur – der Bio-Pionier     

Gerade ernährungssensible Fellnasen liegen der Marke Herrmann’s Manufaktur am Herzen. Für sie sollten die Zutaten im Futter möglichst unbelastet ohne Schadstoffe sein. Aus diesem Grund und aus Respekt vor dem Nutztier setzt Herrmann’s Manufaktur auf  hochwertige Bio-Zutaten und Fleisch aus artgerechter Haltung.  Seit der Gründung 2006.

Das Fleisch aller Geflügel-Arten und Rind stammt aus  kontrolliert ökologischer Erzeugung;  Ziege, Schaf und Pferd stammen aus artgerechter Weidehaltung, Wild und Fisch direkt aus freier Natur .  Obst und Gemüse sowie die weiteren Zutaten werden bezogen aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau,  ohne Pestizide und chemischen Dünger.

Weil jeder Liebling anders is(s)t, bietet Herrmann’s Manufaktur ein breites Sortiment aus Alleinfutter, Basis-Menüs zur individuellen Ergänzung, einem Reinfleisch-Sortiment und Snacks mit abwechslungsreichen Proteinquellen.

Made in Bavarian family business

Ingredients from the region

For more animal well-being

Like home cooked

Herrmann’s Manufaktur – Tierliebe weitergedacht

"Organic" means: more nature for everyone! Because animal love must not end with your own pet!

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Müller's Naturhof     

Müller’s Naturhof 
stands for dog and cat food with the best from the land

Selected local ingredients are gently processed using traditional methods and offer culinary variety. In addition to the selection of raw materials, their traditional processing is crucial.

The products of Müller's Naturhof are characterized by a particularly gentle preparation to preserve quality, taste and native nutrients in the best possible way. This allows dogs and cats to optimally utilize the high-quality proteins and ingredients.

Naturnahe Rezeptur

Home ingredients

Traditional processing

With garden vegetables and meadow herbs

Müller's Naturhof - Food from the land!

Animal testing as well as preservatives, sugar, flavorings and colorings are dispensed with.
With the products of Müller´s Naturhof dogs and cats are optimally supplied all around.

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Arden Grange     

Arden Grange has been producing award-winning super premium dog and cat food since 1996. The genesis of Arden Grange is founded by a family with mature breeding skills. 

Based on the core philosophy of "nutrition without compromise", each product is inherently hypoallergenic.

Arden Grange products are naturally preserved without artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours.

Complete feed


Naturally hypoallergenic

Carefully selected ingredients

Arden Grange - the British premium brand!

"Nutrition without compromise" - the ingredients contained promote optimal health and vitality.

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